Javascript Quiz

1. What syntax would you use to print a line into the console?
Example: ? ("Print a string.")

2. What operator would you use to make a variable equal to an exact value?
Example: if(2*2 ? 4)

3. Which way would two words be written in inside functions?
Example: var mathFunction = function ();

4. What javascript keyword would be used to start a list of statements based off of a condition?
Example: ? (20+4>20){

5. What would you use to create a pop-up box that asks the user for input?
Example: ? ("What would you do?")

6. Which loop would you use to loop only a certain amount of times.
Example: ?(i=5;i>10;i++){

7. Which loop would you use to loop an unknown amount of times to get to a certain value?
Example: ?(i>10){

8. What is the javascript keyword used in the example?
Example: var fruits = ["Apples", "Oranges", "Pineapples"];

9. What is the javascript key term used below?
Example: var vehicle = {type:"Car", model:"500", color:"red"};

10. What are the words below called?
Example: true, false, yes, no